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One Stop Service

“The positive experience of locating in Augusta County continues well past the initial location phase, and I cannot thank the groups involved enough for the ongoing support and hospitality.”  Brent Sherman, Manufacturing Manager, Shamrock Foods


Here in Augusta County, we work hard to reduce the uncertainty and red tape for our new and existing business. Our staff and resources are available to act as a “one-stop shop” for site selection services, data collection, workforce support, and assistance with permitting and development. Our services are free and confidential. Contact us today, and we’ll get you started.


  • Permits
    For building or trade permits, visit the Community Development department for information and guidance.  You will have a single point of contact for site plan review. Our permit review period is 10 days.
  • Zoning
    Within Community Development, the Zoning office is responsible for enforcing zoning ordinances.
  • Commissioner of Revenue
    The Commissioner of Revenue’s office assesses business and personal property taxes, meals and lodging taxes, business licenses, as well as real estate tax.
  • Business License
    Visit both the Community Development department and the Commissioner of Revenue’s office to fulfill all business license obligations.
  • Treasurer’s Office
    The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for collecting all payments due to the County.

Sites & Buildings

Search our industrial sites, commercial properties and available buildings to find the perfect opportunity for your business to grow.


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