Facts & Figures

Major Employers

RankEmployerSize Class
1Augusta County School Board1000 and over employees
2Augusta Medical Center1000 and over employees
3McKee Foods Corporation500 to 999 employees
4Hershey Chocolate of Virginia500 to 999 employees
5AAF McQuay, Inc.500 to 999 employees
6Target Corp500 to 999 employees
7Hollister, Inc.500 to 999 employees
8J.B. Hunt Transport 500 to 999 employees
9County of Augusta250 to 499 employees
10Blue Ridge Community College250 to 499 employees
11NIBCO of Virginia250 to 499 employees
12Variform Inc 250 to 499 employees
13Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center250 to 499 employees
14Augusta Correctional Center250 to 499 employees
15U.P.S.250 to 499 employees
16Innovative Refrig Systems Inc 250 to 499 employees
17Valley Community Services 250 to 499 employees
18Augusta Medical Group 100 to 249 employees
19Food Lion100 to 249 employees
20Best Buy Warehousing Logi Inc 100 to 249 employees
21McKee Foods Transportation100 to 249 employees
22Valley Honda100 to 249 employees
23Middle River Regional Jail 100 to 249 employees
24Pactiv Corporation100 to 249 employees
25American Specialty Blades Inc. 100 to 249 employees
26Houff Transfer, Inc.100 to 249 employees
27McDonald's100 to 249 employees
28Staunton - Augusta Department of Social Services100 to 249 employees
29Shenandoah Landscape Services Inc100 to 249 employees
30Blue Ridge Lumber Company 100 to 249 employees
31Augusta County Service Authority100 to 249 employees
32Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 100 to 249 employees
33Cerro Fabricated Products Inc100 to 249 employees
34C. Obaugh Pontiac Buick GMC100 to 249 employees
35Autumn Corporation100 to 249 employees
36Valley Crane & Rigging100 to 249 employees
37University Instructors Inc 100 to 249 employees
38Packaging Services Inc.50 to 99 employees
39UVA Health Services Foundation50 to 99 employees
40Rexnord Industries50 to 99 employees
41Virginia Eagle Dis Co LLC50 to 99 employees
42VDOT 50 to 99 employees
43University of Virginia Medical Center50 to 99 employees
44Valley Vocational Technical Center50 to 99 employees
45FedEX Ground50 to 99 employees
46Burris Foods50 to 99 employees
47Rouge River Farms50 to 99 employees
48Adams & Garth Staffing50 to 99 employees
49Lawrence Transporation Services50 to 99 employees
50Obaugh Ford50 to 99 employees

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