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Augusta County’s strategic location at the crossroads of early transportation routes meant that many pioneers came through this county as they made their way to the frontier.

Our rural landscapes, historic resources, and natural beauty still might be familiar to those travelers today. We have centuries-old churches, museums, and vibrant main street towns. We’ve worked hard to preserve our historic legacy, such as fixing up the house where famed American folk artist Grandma Moses lived, long before she picked ever up a paintbrush. Augusta County is a destination for Civil War buffs with dozens of battlefields, cemeteries, and interpretive centers.

Augusta’s historic sites include:

Augusta County Courthouse

Augusta Military Academy

Augusta Stone Church

Battle of Piedmont

Confederate Breastworks

Glebe Burying Ground

Cyrus McCormick Farm

Middlebrook Historic District

Mount Sidney Historic District

Mount Torry Furnace

Old Providence Stone Church

Tinkling Spring Church

Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery

Valley Railroad Stone Bridge


Valley Fog

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