Augusta Living

Green Initiatives

In Augusta County, we demonstrate our commitment to renewable energy through workforce training, education, private investment, building code, and support of federal, state, and local initiatives.

Solar Energy

Three local companies, Alt Energy, Sigora Solar and Secure Futures, are ramping up the installation of solar panels in Augusta County. Alt Energy focuses on private sector companies and residences while Secure Futures specifically targets governmental and higher education (tax exempt entities).

Wind Energy

The Virginia Center for Wind Energy, located at James Madison University (JMU) in nearby Harrisonburg, provides education, outreach, research and development in wind energy technologies.

Clean Transportation

The Virginia Clean Cities initiative, also located at James Madison University (JMU) conducts research in biodiesel, algae oil and offers studies in environmental and energy sustainability.

Renewable Energy Pilot Program

The Shenandoah Valley 25 x ’25 promotes energy efficiency, renewables, and alternatives with the goal to establish an east coast pilot program to achieve 25% renewable energy by 2025.

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